SugarCRM Analytical Deduplication Addon helps you find duplicates on Contacts, Account and Lead and also help merge the duplicates. This SugarCRM Addon can be termed as SugarCRM Module or SugarCRM Plugin or SugarCRM Duplicate detector or SugarCRM Deduplication.

  1. Searches for duplicates on Contacts, Leads and Accounts.

    • Searches contacts, Lead and account duplicates.
    • The duplicates can be found on name,number (mobile number for contacts and work phone for accounts) and/or email address.

  1. Detects duplicates on name in Contacts based on similar sounds.

    • Contact Name spelled differently however sounds similar can also be searched.

  1. Delete or merge duplicates.

    • You can then manage the duplicates by using Delete or Merge facility provided by SugarCRM.

  1. Clean duplicate free CRM.

    • By using the addon you can have a clean duplicate free CRM.

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