This document outlines Release Note of SugarCRM Analytical DeDuplication Module which helps to find duplicate data in SugarCRM.

SugarCRM Analytical Deduplication Module gives lists all duplicates records in Contacts, Leads & Accounts based on Email, Name & Phone number.This SugarCRM Module  also help merge or delete  the duplicates. 

Version : 1.3

Release Date: 06 June' 14


  • Added Duplicate Finder panel on leads too.That means now duplicates can also be detected on Leads.

Version : 1.2

Release Date: 12 May' 14


  • New module Duplicate Data added that displays the number of duplicates detected in Contacts & Accounts.Records are inserted on specified time interval set in Scheduler.
  • This module can then be used to generate reports.


  • As reports can be generated , one can have a more insight into their CRM duplicate data and can take a preventive action against same.

Version : 1.1

Release Date: 14 Mar' 14


  • Searches for duplicates on Contacts and Accounts.
  • Detects duplicates on name in Contacts based on similar sounds.
  • Delete or merge duplicates.



  • Due to detection of an already existing account or contact ,you will have a clean CRM.


Supported Browser

  • Google Chrome latest version.

  • Mozilla Firefox latest version.


How to get it & Install:

  • You have to fill form for ‘SugarCRM De-Duplication,Preventive Addon’ from ens.net.in site.

  • You will get mail from Enjay it solutions Ltd with download link. 

  • Download and install it in SugarCRM from Module Loader.

  • After successful installation, open De-Duplication,Preventive  in Admin Panel and  activate the addon by registering and then entering licence key provided to you.

  • You will then require to repair CRM by clicking the link shown or by clicking Repair from admin panel.
  • For More information read manual User Guide.



Support Contact Details

  • Web store :store.enjayworld.com
  • Email : support@enjayworld.com
  • Skype Idenjayconnectors
  • Call us on (0260) 6612931/32