Description :

This document tells about Release Note of SugarCRM SMS Addon by which Send SMS directly from SugarCRM.

SugarCRM SMS Addon provide SugarCRM SMS integration.User can send SMS directly from SugarCRM leads, contacts, accounts, opportunities etc and Supports SMS Templates & get SMS history in SugarCRM. Some people also called  SugarCRM SMS Addon as SugarCRM SMS Add on or SugarCRM SMS Module or SugarCRM SMS Plugin or SugarCRM SMS Connector or SugarCRM SMS integration.

Version : 1.0.0

Release Date: 15th April 2014


  • Admin user can set SMS API Credential from admin panel.
  • User can create SMS template.
  • SMS sent from Account,Contact,Lead,Case & Opportunity Module.
  • Value of SMS variable is come from selected record,like contact person,case number,address,user name etc..
  • Selection of SMS template available to sent.
  • Group SMS functionality(Can send message on multiple mobile number at a time)

Supported Browser :

  • Google Chrome latest version.
  • Mozilla Firefox latest version.

How to get it & Install:

  • You have to fill form for ‘Download SMS Add-on’’ from
  • You will get mail from Enjay IT Solutions Ltd with download link.
  • Download and install it in SugarCRM from Module Loader.
  • After successful installation, Fill registration details from "SMS Addon Activation" in Admin Panel in CRM
  • Open SMS Configuration in Admin Panel and Fill all Necessary Details (For More information read manual Installation Manual & Configuration Manual)
  • After doing setting for SMS API ,create SMS template and sent SMS from Account,Contact,Lead,Case & Opportunity Module.

Support Contact Details

  • Web store
  • Email :
  • Skype Idenjayconnectors
  • Call us on (0260) 6612931/32