Overview of SugarCRM Preventive DeDuplication Addon

This doc explains Release Note of SugarCRM Preventive DeDuplication Addon which helps you prevent duplicate data for SugarCRM.

This SugarCRM addon detects duplicates based on name,number or email on creation of a new contact or account.If that account or contact already exists will prompt a message that it already exists.Just not that it will provide the link to the existing record.This SugarCRM Module Also known as SugarCRM Preventive DeDuplication Addon or SugarCRM Preventive DeDuplication Plugin or SugarCRM Duplicate detector.

Version : 1.3

Release Date: 06 June' 14



  • Duplicates can now be detected on Leads too same as it does on Contacts & Accounts module.

Version : 1.2

Release Date: 07 May' 14



  • Works for quickcreate contacts and account via subpanel or top icons found in PRO edition.

  • Option to prevent save on duplicate detection.


  • From every possible way of creating Contacts or Account , Duplicate Prevention works.
  • As saving of duplicate data is prevented , duplicate data cannot be added.

Version : 1.1

Release Date: 14 Mar' 14


  • Optionally you may select duplicate detection on contacts with similar sound of names.
  • Displays Message if Configuration Settings are not done.


  • Names spelled differently , however sound name will be detected as duplicates.Eg : Geeta and Gita sounds similar.
  • More control on lead as it will automatically relate it to contact and account.

    Version : 1.0

    Release Date: 01 Mar' 14


    • Prevents duplicate data in real time.
    • More information provided on duplicate contact or account.
    • Works for different number formats.
    • Works for Name , phone numbers and email.
    • Duplicate Prevention criteria to be set from Admin Panel.
    • Duplicate record is searched globally notwithstanding the security access level of the user.
    • Will just alert for existing contact or account but allows saving it.


    • Due to detection of an already existing account or contact ,you will have a clean CRM.

    Supported Browser

    • Google Chrome latest version.

    • Mozilla Firefox latest version.


    How to get it & Install:

    • You have to fill form for ‘SugarCRM De-Duplication,Preventive Addon’ from ens.net.in site.

    • You will get mail from Enjay it solutions Ltd with download link.

    • Download and install it in SugarCRM from Module Loader.

    • After successful installation, open De-Duplication,Preventive  in Admin Panel and  activate the addon by registering and then entering licence key provided to you (For More information read manual "User Guide".).

    • Configure settings on which you want to find duplicates from de-duplication settings located in admin panel.
    • You are now done with installation & configuration settings to detect duplicates.

    Support Contact Details

    • Webstore :store.enjayworld.com
    • Email : support@enjayworld.com
    • Skype Idenjayconnectors
    • Call us on (0260) 6612931/32