A Complete user guide of SugarCRM preventive Deduplication Addon is explains in step by step here. 

SugarCRM Preventive DeDuplication Addon helps you prevent duplicate data, even before it is created.


 Installation  of SugarCRM Preventive DeDuplication Addon

  Upload & Install the addon from the admin panel.Accept Licence Agreement & Commit.





Accept Licence Agreement & Commit

Configuration of SugarCRM Preventive DeDuplication Addon

Once Installed,activate the addon by registering and then entering licence key provided to you.

For this go to admin panel.Locate Prevent Duplication panel at bottom.Click on its activation link.

Enter your name,company,email & phone number to register yourself.

After you do the payment for using the addon,your registered email address will then be sent an activation key.

Enter the activation key .

How to use

Configure settings on which you want to find duplicates from deduplication settings located in admin panel.

For Contacts you may choose on what basis you want to detect duplicates.You may either select "exact" to detect duplicates on exact name or select "similar" when you want to detect duplicate on name with similar sounds.

You are now done with installation & configuring settings to detect duplicates.

Try creating an account or contact.If that record already exists you will be alerted.

You will also be able to see more info on that existing record.Click i icon to display more info.

Here the existing contact is provided more information by providing its link and its account.

Similarly city name will be provided on duplicate account.

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