Overview of SugarCRM Preventive DeDuplication Module

This doc explains all the doubts relating to SugarCRM preventive deduplication module which helps you prevent duplicate data for SugarCRM.

SugarCRM Preventive DeDuplication Module detects duplicates and alerts you when you create a new Contact , Account or a Lead. This SugarCRM Preventive DeDuplication Module detects duplicates based on name,number or email on creation of a new contact or account.If that account or contact already exists will prompt a message that it already exists.Just not that SugarCRM Preventive DeDuplication Module will provide the link to the existing record.

1 : What are the initial steps to make the prevent duplicates addon work?

: After your licence gets activated you will then be required to configure on what criteria you want to set duplicates preventor. These settings are only available to admin user from admin panel of SugarCRM.

2 : Where can I see the duplication prevention settings?

A: Goto Admin. Scroll down.You will see duplication prevention settings panel.Click the link & then you can easily configure it.

3 : On what modules & what fields I can find duplicates ?

A : You can find duplicates on Accounts & Contacts module on Name,Number & EmailYou will not be able to find duplicates contacts duplicates from Contacts sub panel of Account module.

4 : On what phone fields can I find duplicates ?

A : On mobile,work & fax field in Contacts module and office & fax fields in Accounts module.

5 : I haven't received my licence key , how do I get it?

A : If you have an internet connection on clicking Request key button in Duplicate Prevention Activation panel , an email will be sent to your registered email address.

If you don't have Internet connection you may contact Enjay IT Solutions Limited to share the key with you.Below are the contact details.

Contact Number - 0260-6612950 Email : support@enjayworld.com

6 : How are leads duplicates managed?

A : When you create a new lead , its email address is taken into consideration and that email is searched in Contacts and Accounts.If found therein that contact and account will have a relation with this particular Email Address.

7 : What if contact name are spelled differently ?

A : If you want to manage duplicates on names with similar sounds Eg : Pooja or Puja though spelled differently sounds similar , select similar sounds from Prevent Duplicates Settings from admin panel of SugarCRM.

Support Contact Details

  • Webstore :store.enjayworld.com
  • Email : support@enjayworld.com
  • Skype Idenjayconnectors
  • Call us on (0260) 6612931/32