Enjay Ensight Connectivity Status

Enjay Ensight latest version 2.3.1 represents the improvements with live connectivity status of clients. The statuses helps in troubleshooting the common question like why this client is not connecting ? or Why client screen is not coming ?

New version of enjay ensight consists that connectivity statuses which helps in knowing the answer of above question.

Below, There are statuses with screenshots and its explanation.

1. System Unreachable

The System Unreachable is very common case in which Ensight server can not ping the client system.Possible reasons could be,

  • Client system is shut down .

  • The system is out of local network.

  • The system IP range is different from ensight server system.(As Ensight product runs on static IP)

1. System ON,client not connected or blocked by firewall.

When ensight server shows the above message it means the system is reachable and server can ping that system.The reasons of this message could be,

  • System is ON but logged off.

  • Our Ensight client is blocked by windows firewall or Antivirus program.

3. Either 5007 port blocked or viewer service is not running in client machine.

Above message is concerned with screen viewing.When client is connected with ensight server and still client screen is not visible, ensight server shows this message.

Reasons and Troubleshooting:

  • viewer service port 5007 blocked by firewall in client system.You need to add this port in firewall exception.

  • egvnc.exe service is not running in windows task manager.You need to start this services from this location c : / program files / Enjay Ensight / Library / egvnc.exe.

  • When everything goes perfectly then you are able to watch the screen of client.

  • Above statuses are shown on the Ensight server console, but this improvements is not limited with server console. User can also get the statuses from ensight web portal and even from activity time line chart.

  • Enjay Ensight activity time line chart also displays the similar statuses.The colors indicated in below image shows the exact situation.

1. System Unreachable status along with client active-idle status

Red underline indicates the system unreachable status.This remark is done by ensight server when there is no data received from ensight client.Above image shows that client machine started around 12:30 then it worked then goes shutdown/unreachable at around 16:00

2. System ON ,Client not running status 

Purple underline indicates that client system is ON from 12:00 but ensight client is not running or killed in this system.Above image shows that system started on around 12:00 but unfortunately ensight client is not running or killed or system logged off till 15:30.