Build Version : 13261201

Release Date : 06/01/2014


  1. Know your clients’ connectivity status on ensight console as below.

    1. System unreachable.

    2. System ON,ensight client not running or blocked by firewall.

    3. Viewer service is not running or blocked.

    4. ensight client is disconnected etc.

  2. Unreachable and client not running status bar in Time line chart.

  3. Client active idle status will updated on every 10 minutes of interval.

  4. Keep ensight server console running in system tray.

  5. Set or remove password to start ensight console.


  1. For best activity reports,Ensight console should be live continuously.

  2. There should not much difference of timing between client and server systems.

Known Issues

  1. Applications logs feature does not work in RDP sessions.

  2. Hibernate state of client system can cause unexpected activity reports.

  3. Wrong date and time in client machine can generate unexpected reports.