Step 1: Click on "Google Play"


Step 2: Click on "Search"

Step 3: Type "Enjay Synapse Mobile"

Step 4: Click on "Enjay Synapse Mobile" (Note: Ensure your Device is connected with Internet)

Step 5: Click on "Install"

Step 6: Click on "Open"

Step 7: Click on "Accept"

Step 8: Click on "Create New Account"

Step 9: Select "Multi User"

Step 10: Fill up Registration Form and Click on "Submit"

Step 11: Enter "Verification Code" and Click on Submit.  Where can I find Verification Code ? 

Step 12: Successfully Log In

Step 13: Kindly Ensure your Company Name

Where Can I find Verification Code ?

Step1: Go to ""

Step 2: Click on "Sign In"

Step 3: Input Login Credentials 

Step 4: Click "Company Profile

Step 5: Grab your Verification Code