This document guides how to Identify the current status of the call from SugarCRM Asterisk / Synapse / Elastix / FreePBX connector.

While using this SugarCRM and Asterisk connector, you will be experienced with three main call events. We have prepared this documentation to provide you a TIP on how to Identify the current status of the call.

For user's easiness, we have designed a popup menu with different color for three different status of the call - Call Ringing, Call Connected and Call Hangup. Let's see how can we define call status. 

Three different call events:

1. Call Ringing :

In case you have Incoming and Outgoing call, and your SugarCRM is open on your browser. Then you will be shown a popup box on the bottom-right side of your browser window with title name as [Contact - Call status] i.e. [Renaldo Maher - Ringing]. This Call status information will be stored in CRM. This is given in the following snap. 


2. Call Connected :

Once you act upon a call by receiving it with your soft phone. The call status will be changed as Connected (On real time) because you will be connected to called or caller party. The call status information will be updated in SugarCRM. This has been displayed in the following snap.

3. Call Hangup :

Once you have completed the conversation with called person, you will end up your call. In this situation, the status of the call will be updated as Hangup and updated in SugarCRM. This can be displayed as given in the following snap. 

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