ESM SOAP API  is an addon, using which ESM can be integrated with any third party application eg CRM Software. Using ESM SOAP API will help you to add mobile  logs to your CRM, ERP & many other systems.

How can the ESM API be accessed?

ESM SOAP API can be accessed through ESM Web Service that you have to call from your software.

Few Examples of Integration:

“ESM Addon” configured on Enjay CRM will log, call / SMS information from ESM Server to Enjay / Sugar CRM.

For other third party softwares,(eg DOT NET and PHP based softwares) Add On will have to be developed to integrate with ESM API.

Even Tally Can be integrated with ESM using this API.

Deliverables in ESM API:

Enjay will provide following along with ESM API:

ESM API is present on ESM Server

Complete documentation and training.

Training of one of your Sr. Developer Team Member (note that the Developer must be aware about web-services & API concepts)

Sample codes for web-service and framework  which you can use directly into your application.

Guiding you with your application regarding best practices.

Optionally, we can also help you to integrate the API with your application at an extra cost, by helping your development team or doing development directly. However this is not recommended, as it may increase cost and time for development.

How it is licensed ?

ESM API is licensed per ESM account

How to get it ?

Step 1 Sign Up for Single User / ESM Multi User Pack from

Step 2 Configure Android Clients

Step 3 Download and Configure ESM API Add-on on Software (for Sugar CRM / EnjayCRM)