Document contains all the basic FAQS for SugarCRM Asterisk / Synapse / Elastix / FreePBX connector. 

SugarCRM Asterisk / Synapse connector provide integration of SugarCRM and Asterisk or SugarCRM and Synapse or SugarCRM and Free PBX or  SugarCRM and Elastix or SugarCRM  other Asterisk based solutions. SugarCRM Asterisk / Synapse connector can be termed as SugarCRM Asterisk integration or Asterisk SugarCRM Integration.

What different Asterisk version supported by this Sugar Asterisk connector?

Ans. This Connector works with regular Asterisk (1.6)

What different SugarCRM version supported by this Sugar Asterisk connector?

Ans. SugarCRM Version 6.1.* ,6.2.* , 6.3.*, 6.4.*,6.5.* .

Does this Sugar Asterisk connector store recording of performed calls?

Ans. Yes, You will get all the recording entries in Calls module in CRM.

Does this Sugar Asterisk connector assign the Incoming and Outgoing call to related account? If possible then tell how?

Ans. Yes, It will be automatically assigned to user according to the numbers stored in CRM. 

Will this SugarCRM connector assign a call even SugarCRM is not open ?

Ans. Yes, In this case it will log calls in CRM. 

Does SugarCRM connector will assign a previous calls to SugarCRM contacts.

Ans. Yes, You can assign all of the previous calls by just mark "Relate contacts" in Contact module in CRM.

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