Overview  of Admin Configuration part 2 for SugarCRM Asterisk connector:

This document gives complete guide of Admin configuration of SugarCRM Asterisk / synapse / Elastix / Free PBX connector.

After Successfully installation of SugarCRM Asterisk / synapse connector 3.0.0 and Activation Admin User have to fill the Configuration panel to avail the functionality to the User.

Admin Configuration settings :

This chapter provides information on required settings to get Enjay SugarCRM Asterisk / synapse connector connector up and running.

Admin Configuration:

These settings affect the overall operations of Enjay SugarCRM Asterisk / synapse connector.

To review these settings, navigate to Admin → SugarCRM Synapse/Asterisk Configuration

Parameter Name



Enter CRM URL on which you are going to use SugarCRM
(eg : If your CRM is on then Enter in CRM URL OR
If you are using CRM on http://crm.enjayworld.com then Enter crm.enjayworld.com in CRM URL.)

Enter IP

This is the IP where Synapse or Asterisk server is running.(eg.

Manager Username

It is Username of Asterisk Manager (Please find it from manager.conf file from your Asterisk Server)

Manager Password

It is Password of Asterisk Manager (Please find it from manager.conf file from your Asterisk Server)

Internal Channel

It is required to as outgoing call is first lands on Internal Channel and after Synapse or Asterisk made call using external Channel.

(eg. SIP)

External Channel

It is required as incoming call lands on external channel first and after Synapse or Asterisk will send it on internal channel with defined extension.

(eg. DAHDI)

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