This document describes complete details of Prerequisite of SugarCRM Asterisk / Synapse integration.

SugarCRM Asterisk / Synapse connector provide integration of SugarCRM and Asterisk or Synapse or Free PBX or Elastix or other Asterisk based solutions. SugarCRM Asterisk / Synapse Integration support SugarCRM CE, SugarCRM 6.1 to SugarCRM 6.5 and asterisk, Elastix, Free PBX and synapse all versions. SugarCRM Asterisk / Synapse connector can be termed as SugarCRM Asterisk integration or Asterisk SugarCRM Integration.

Here are the required components for SugarCRM Asterisk / Synapse  integration.

  • Java
          Supported version - JRE 1.7 on Server Side.

  • Latest Browser
Best supported Browser : 1. Google Chrome latest version.

2. Mozilla Firefox version 21 and above.

  • CRM
          SugarCRM:  (6.1.x, 6.2.x, 6.3.x,6.4.x,6.5.x )
          Other CRM: All the other CRM which having API structure similar to SugarCRM with the above supported Sugar editions. 
  • Telephony technology 
Asterisk: Best supported version is 1.6
Enjay Synapse: All versions

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