Version : 3.0

Build Version : 18111300

Release Date: 01/01/2014


This document gives details about Release Note of SugarCRM Asterisk / Synapse connector Version 3.0. SugarCRM Asterisk / Synapse connector provide integration of SugarCRM and Asterisk or SugarCRM and Synapse or SugarCRM and Free PBX or  SugarCRM and Elastix or SugarCRM  other Asterisk based solutions. SugarCRM Asterisk / Synapse connector can be termed as SugarCRM Asterisk integration or Asterisk SugarCRM Integration.

Features of SugarCRM Asterisk / Synapse connector : 

  • Caller name and number will be displayed on popup.
  • Leads ,Contacts,Accounts can be created from popup.
  • Unknown Number can be relate with Leads ,Contacts,Accounts from popup itself.(New)
  • Voice recording file will be available directly from CRM calls
  • Automatic call relates with Accounts, Contacts or leads if number already exist.
  • User can add custom Dial Plan and dial out prefix as per own requirements.(New)
  • User Can Transfer call, Hangup call from popup itself.(New)
  • Related Account,Contact will be shown in Popup (New).
  • Works with Multiple Enjay Synapse Server or  Asterisk Server. (as Telephony Server)
  • Works with SugarCRM as well as EnjayCRM (based on SugarCRM)
  • All the previous Call not related With Contact also can relates after Creating Contact.

Bug Fixed of SugarCRM Asterisk / Synapse connector

  • Validation on click to call icon for not configure extension.

  • Remove the special character from the phone number when dialling.

  • Notes for the call can be saved from popup during ongoing call.

  • Admin User have option to search the number pattern from CRM.

  • Reduced Call Log Load Distribution.

  • Recordlink Mismatch.

Requirements for SugarCRM Asterisk / Synapse connector

  • JRE 1.7 on CRM Server Side.

  • Popup must be enabled in Browser.

Supported Browser

  • Best supported Browser : Google Chrome latest version.

  • Mozilla Firefox version 22 and above.

How to get it & Install SugarCRM Asterisk / Synapse connector:

  • You have to fill form for ‘Download SugarCRM Asterisk / Synapse connector ’ from

  • You will get mail from Enjay it solutions Ltd with download link.

  • Download and install Connector in SugarCRM from Module Loader.

  • After successful installation, open Enjay Synapse Configuration in Admin module and Fill all Necessary Details(For More information see Video For SugarCRM Asterisk / Synapse connector ).

  • After Filling Credential go to Users module and set your Extension and select the Synapse Server, check options for Incoming call popup and Magic Dial.

Support Contact Details

  • Webstore
  • Email :
  • Skype Id: enjayconnectors
  • Call us on (0260) 6612912/58