Enjay CRM API Addon (ECAA) is an Addon for Enjay CRM Solutions, using which Enjay CRM can be integrated with any third party application. Using this API any kind of records can be listed, accessed, created, modified or deleted from Enjay CRM database. The main advantage of using API over direct access to database is obviously security & data integrity, which can get compromised if we allow direct access to database.

Note: Since Enjay CRM is based on Sugar CRM, anything developed using Enjay CRM API, is 100% compatible with Sugar CRM also.

How can the API be accessed?

  1. Once ECAA is installed and activated on Enjay CRM instance, it can be accessed as a web service from any other application which supports Web-service (SOAP API). 
  2. A Dot.net based component is also provided, so that if you want to integrate your dot.net based application with Enjay CRM, it will become very easy and comfortable for you to do it.

Few Examples of Integration:

  • Enjay Connector for MS Outlook & CRM, is developed using Enjay CRM API. It requires activation of API on the server side and we have used dot.net API component on the client side to create an add-on for MS Outlook/CRM.
  • Enjay Connector for Enjay Synapse Mobile & CRM (getting Mobile Call / SMS logs into CRM directly) also uses the same technology, but it uses web-service component instead of dot.net component.
  • Enjay Connector for Synapse CRM integration (Asterisk / Sugar integration), also uses same concept, however it uses API developed for Synapse also along with Enjay CRM API.
  • Few developers have developed connectors for their eCommerce websites and Enjay CRM using this API.
  • Even Tally Can be integrated with Enjay CRM using this API.

Deliverables in Enjay CRM:

Enjay will provide following along with Enjay CRM API:

  • Install and activate Enjay CRM API on CRM Server.
  • Complete documentation for training.
  • Training of one of your Sr. Developer Team Member (note that the Developer must be aware about web-services & API concepts)
  • Sample codes for web-service and dot.net framework  which you can use directly into your application.
  • Guiding you with your application regarding best practices.

Optionally, we can also help you to integrate the API with your application at an extra cost, by helping your development team or doing development directly. However this is not recommended, as it may increase cost and time for development.

How it is licensed ?

Enjay CRM API is licensed per server basis, not according to clients accessing it. Which means that if you 4 different applications and 200 different client devices accessing Enjay CRM API, you need to have only one license for API.

How to get it ?

Send a telephonic / email request to Enjay Team, and we will do the needful.